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Sarah Perez-McAdoo

Sarah Perez-McAdoo and my daughters, Teyla and Olivia
Sarah Perez-McAdoo and my daughters, Teyla and Olivia

When we read:

We always read for 30 minutes before bedtime and during our weekly trips to the bookstore. If the book is really good, some of us read in the car, at the dinner table or even while waiting for the school bus!

What we like to read:

Olivia likes to read Ladybug Girl (David Soman and Jacky Davis) as well as chapter books like Judy Moody (Megan McDonald). Teyla reads all the time. She likes books like The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley and The Winnie Years series by Lauren Myracle.

Why reading is important:

Reading is important in school and in life. Reading helps us learn new words and develop our vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Most importantly, reading is so much fun!