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Allison Wyman

Posted by: Sally C Fuller

My kids love to listen to just about anything—they both stop whatever they're doing and come running over if you start reading aloud.  I love that.  My seven-year-old who’s in first grade just started reading on his own this year.  Their current bedtime favorites are the Slinky Malinki books and How Things Work, which shows how different machines work as you lift up the flaps.  My father lives in Maryland and drives up to visit us about twice a year.  Their favorite book to read with him is Fox in Sox. In this picture he's reading Caterwaul Caper, which involves a great deal of howling like a cat stuck in a tree.  

I read to my kids at bedtime every night, and in the mornings before work when they need some snuggles before I head out.  (My husband is the "at home" parent and I work full time outside the house, often for 13-hour days.)  It's a nice way to reign in two very active kids for a few minutes of quiet time.

I read to my kids because I love to read, and I want them to love to read.  There's just so much of life that you miss out on, otherwise.  My father reads to them because they ask him to. They also ask him for peanut butter Oreos, and he always comes through on both counts.