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Family Child Care Language & Literacy Project

The Family Child Care Language & Literacy Project (currently in its third year) helps providers build skills to increase children's foundation for literacy and supplies them with books and activities to promote concrete skill development in the young children in their care. The literacy initiative focuses on language development as well as pre-reading skills. As children participate in a language-rich environment with a nurturing provider, they have the potential to develop the building blocks needed for literacy learning: receptive language, speech production, vocabulary, sentence structure, and conversation.

Three major activities include:

  • Intensive 6-session trainings for FCC providers on early childhood literacy and language development.
  • A weekend reading bag activity to help parents support their children's literacy and language development.
  • FCC Literacy Nights with each class to showcase their learning for other FCC providers and to Family Friend and Neighbor caregivers.

In addition to helping providers understand the specific skills needed to support literacy and language development in their children and giving them effective hands-on tools for doing so, the project brings providers into the library to familiarize them with the Children's Room and the state-funded regional Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) that is housed in the library. The Family Child Care Language and Literacy Project is a joint project of the Preschool Enrichment Team and The Springfield Public Library.