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Community Solutions Action Plan

Springfield = All-America City Award for Community Solutions Action Plan

Reading Success by 4th Grade has, since 2009, worked to align civic leadership, the funding community and the networks of service in order to promote the shared vision of reading proficiency for all Springfield's children by the end of third grade, by focusing on all those who touch the lives of children—families, schools and the community. The plan adopts a collective impact strategy, engaging the full community around the goal of supporting low-income children from birth through third grade. The plan involves schools but acknowledges that they alone cannot address the myriad problems that keep children from learning to read.

Communities come together, as Springfield has, because they decide that literacy is essential:

  • for families to promote education and learning within the home;
  • for children to succeed in school;
  • for people to become employed, self-sufficient and climb a career ladder;
  • for people to make informed decisions about civic, environmental and health issues;
  • for people to navigate in this new information and technological era;
  • for communities to combat the forces of poverty and crime;
  • and for employers to grow their businesses.

A good community literacy plan transforms not only individuals, but whole communities over the years. It weaves and knits relationships that have been fragmented by isolation, politics and funding streams. Once a community embarks on a literacy organizing process, power relationships are altered and new voices accountable to the community take places at the decision-making tables.

Please read and share this community-wide plan for early literacy and join in this important work for our children and our community.

Reading Success by 4th Grade Leadership Team